IT Services

IT services

Mantra Energy International IT division is a rich combination of Product, Technology and People. With vast domain expertise, knowledge, experience in international markets and excellent Project Management mechanisms, Mantra's IT team takes up IT projects for different industry verticals.

Engagement models
  • Extended Development Centre
  • Time and Material
  • Turn Key Projects
  • Out sourcing
  • IT Partnering Contracts
  • Big data
  • Data Analytics
  • Consulting
Big Data Analytics
Solutions By Industry

We can help energy companies in reducing their

  • ATC losses
  • Optimising Service & Distribution
  • Managing Demand response
  • Asset Management etc

We have expertise in capturing data in energy and distribution segments for performing analytics for optimizing the production and distribution processes of energy companies. We have supported to develop GIS linked Fault analysis dash board which will help Energy companies in rectifying failures easily.


We have expertise in interpreting complex telecom log files which will help Telecom companies to increase their ARPU and also to scale. We can help Telecom companies in analyzing complex data pools like

  • Location Data
  • Signalling Data
  • CDR
  • App Traffic
  • Data Traffic
  • SMS & MMS
Some of our case studies in Telecom
  • Deep Subscriber behavioral Models
  • Sense N respond Behavioral targeting 2.0
  • VAS ( Value Added Services ) Recommendation Engine
  • Location data analysis
  • Telcom Data Monetization with Retailers, Govt & Health Care Industries.
  • Customer Churn Analysis
  • Geo-spatial Modeling
  • App Management
  • Customer Behavioral Patterns
  • Telecom NBA ( next best action for sales and service )

Retail segment can utilize big data and analytics to a very large extend. As we know, data and its patterns is a gold mine for retail industry. Data Analytics has reached the level in such a way that it will give you the insights on what to sell for the customer standing in front of your store !

Some of the solutions that we offer to retail segment are

  • Real time recommendations
  • Re targeting solutions
  • Cross selling recommendations
  • Sentiment analysis

Our expertise is in setting up data analytics layer on top of traditional /conventional retail applications , which will help retailers in Increasing revenue without additional man power and infra, Decision making based on data analytics etc.

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